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Cooking with 7 Kids Family
This picture of our family is a few years old, but it is the last time everyone stood still at the same time.

We cook… a lot. The dishwasher gets run four times per day (it has a nifty 60-minute cycle that actually cleans the dishes and almost dries them). We also eat… a lot. At least we go to the grocery store, fill up the cart, and then run out of food three days later. Cooking this much—combined with the unfortunate need to pay for those groceries—has resulted in a family business selling Pampered Chef products. We would like to introduce you to Pampered Chef for the sake of helping you buy quality kitchenware and for the sake of helping us feed seven kids who keep eating.


Visit our Cooking with 7 Kids’ Pampered Chef page for access to the tools we use in our own kitchen.